Wrapper Spray Paints

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Wrapper spray paints

Sometimes it can happen that due to wear or small accidents the fairing or leather parts of the motorcycle or your car suffer damage. In many cases these are very small accidents, almost negligible, but of course you prefer to solve them so as not to aggravate the situation. In this case you can use products Wrapper spray paints, which are designed specifically for applications of this type. The pigments are compatible with steel, plastic, leather and vinyl. They are great for eliminating a scratch or with a small mark, even on your suit. If you want to change the look dei your accessories, with removable glitter paints you can take off this whim, perhaps for a special occasion or to vary a little. These are solutions of the brand Wrapper spray paints that are easily removed using the appropriate solvent and do not leave marks or stains on the bottom, but which are easy to apply in a few minutes. The pigments in the cans are designed to remain bright and shiny under all conditions, even if they are exposed to intense sunlight and bad weather. You can choose the shade you prefer with the certainty of a high-level professional product and with an optimal density for body applications. The cans of the brand Wrapper spray paints are very safe and certified and allow you to experiment as you want to give a new look to your bike, or simply to solve some small aesthetic problem for which you do not want to spend too much money in the workshop. Wrapper spray paints are also suitable for an intense covering effect, to resume the base of the bodywork in case of deep abrasions in which the primer is seen, for example after an accident,