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Visors Motorcycle Helmets of the Best Brands

Have you ever thought about the importance of the helmet visor? It is thanks to her that you can ride the bike safely. The visors, for motorcycle helmets, are made of special plastics, as they must be scratch-resistant, impact resistant, anti-fog and finally, protect our eyes from UV rays. For jet helmets they can be short, "glasses" or long, or up to the chin (sometimes smoked are available). For modular helmets, transparent, smoked and sometimes mirrored helmets are available. Finally, for integrals, we have more choice, since there are transparent, with different shades of smoke, totally dark, blued, yellow, red, iridium, mirrored blue, red, gold and silver, and in some cases photochromic!


An important factor is now fashion. Today they go... Fashionable, bubble visors, as well as those with three buttons to be installed on jet helmets, those all open to understand each other, and equipped with three buttons on dei the forehead to apply the visor itself. As for full-face helmet visors, they can be more or less dark, iridium and of various colors, so you can indulge.

The law

Like any security system, there is a law to regulate this. The visor must be approved (find the approval and the numbers on the side, towards the hooks to understand each other). Lightly smoked visors can only be used during the day and must also be approved. On the other hand, visors that are too dark, iridium or that in any case do not allow you to see the driver's eyes are prohibited for use on the road.

It is also important to buy only and exclusively an original visor, since only this is able to meet the standards imposed by the manufacturer. The bindings will then match with the relative helmet attachments to perfection. The same applies if you decide to apply a Pinlock to the visor itself, or an additional anti-fog visor. On a perfect and original visor, the Pinlock will mount perfectly. We remind you to replace the visor when it is scratched or remains opaque.

To keep it in perfect condition, clean and take care of it, here you will find the products for perfect cleaning.