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Engine guard and sump guard

With use or accidents, without components such as engine guard and sump guard there would be the risk of damaging sensitive parts of the engine, which are very often made of aluminum for reasons of lightness. Sometimes these safety components need to be replaced simply because rain and bad weather have caused them to oxidize, but very often it is a combination of high temperatures and an intense lifestyle for the bike that determines this need. In any case, for your vehicle you can choose from a wide range of original, custom and compatible models , to protect the most important parts of the engine and restore a fundamental section of the fairing after an accident. They range from the classic components of the big brands, to those compatible with full custom bikes, which allow you to customize your vehicle with an aggressive style without exposing yourself to the risk of not passing the revision. In fact, all models are certified to comply with the most stringent European standards, both as heat shields, acoustic and as road safety devices. The engine guard and sump guard not only offer the necessary protection against impacts, but are essential to preserve the engine from direct contact with rain, snow and water, because the shock could damage overheated parts. So if your old model is not up to your needs, or if you really need to replace it with a new one, you can discover the most convenient and compatible models, ready for mounting with safety screws and anti-vibration systems for maximum driving stability and to reduce unwanted noise. In steel, aluminum or tubular depending on your style, mounting a sump guard or engine guard as a shield for fragile parts, can make the difference in case of accidents, but they are also an idea to customize your bike and make you recognize on the road.