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Motorcycle jeans

The sturdy cotton fabric has characterized the style of bikers and those who love active life for decades. The motorcycle jeans are made with a design that starts from classic and traditional models to rework materials and add safety elements, essential to face long journeys at high speed. Unlike dei normal pants and dei jackets, in fact, those designed specifically for motorcyclists have reinforcements at strategic points, offer a better fit, if you need to sit for a long time in the saddle as well as a good degree of protection in case of falls and accidents. In fact, they have padding on the knees, elbows and shoulders, which in some cases can really make a difference. They are meant to be cut-proof and not to cause bad burns, if there is a rubbing due to a fall. Jeans for motorcyclists are slightly thicker than traditional ones and cover better from wind and cold air, so you can use them whenever you want, to move comfortably with your bike without having to forza wear heavier, technical or leather clothing. Available for men and women, they are the result of great brands such as Acerbis, Red Route and OJ as well as IXS, just to mention the most famous ones. You can choose your style in the classic blue, black and gray colors, with the safety of products designed just for bikers. All motorcycle jeans can be safely washed like normal pants, but they offer you unique construction details, such as easier access pockets. The jackets have oversized zippers to open them with gloves while you are riding and the tabs can be put in the buttonholes, to prevent them from moving due to the wind.
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