Underhelmets and Bandanas

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Underhelmets and bandanas

Any motorcyclist and scooter rider has found himself at least once in his life to deal with the problem of ruining his hairstyle because of the helmet and finding a great clutch discomfort. The solution is always to choose to wear an underhelmet or a bandana able to separate the scalp from the semi-rigid structure of the internal foam shock absorbers. Masks and other protections are also worn to limit the effects of sweating or intense cold when there are very long routes to do and reduce fogging. In addition, helmet pads are essential to prevent sweat from ending up impregnating the helmet coating, making it unmanageable and forcing the continuous use of cleaning products. Choosing to wear a bandana or other accessory means making driving more comfortable and also safer to ride a motorcycle, because it improves the position of the helmet, both the integral one and the open versions for scooters. All accessories are made of anti-allergic fabrics of the highest quality, to allow anyone to be able to tackle even the most complicated roads and tracks with style. Alongside dei helmets and bandanas you can also choose different types of neck warmers, which prevent the icy wind and rain from slipping under your clothes through the collar of your suit or jacket. For every style, both for those who are used to facing the icy road to the aba with the scooter and for motorcyclists who want to experience challenging routes, tracks and crossings on the weekend, choosing to protect yourself is always a good idea. Discover the products dei the best brands in the sector, such as Acerbis, Lampa and Overside, even with ideas suitable for cycling or to finally convince someone to get on the saddle with you, facing together the winter frost and the summer heat without problems and without discomfort.