Motorcycle Fork Oil

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Oil for motorcycle forks

The efficiency of your vehicle in all conditions is of fundamental importance, especially when you ask it for extreme performance and to withstand demanding routes, tracks and off-road routes. The oil of the motorcycle forks is a tool that allows you to optimize the performance of the shock absorbers and minimize the shocks that you risk suffering every time you take to the track. Depending on the model and performance you intend to request from your two wheels, you can choose between different formulations of lubricant specially designed to make the movement of the forks fluid and maintain optimal response pressure, with big brands such as Castrol and Motul. You can choose to try a synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral oil, each dei which has different performances and depending on the technical data sheet of your bike and the experiences dei your colleagues you can experiment with response times and new cushioning qualities, until you find the formula that is exactly right for you. Neglecting to lubricate the forks of your bike can expose you to very serious risks such as sudden stops and falls, too long recovery times and when it comes to tackling difficult terrain this almost certainly means falling and losing grip. On the track, especially in corners, this could expose you to very dangerous falls and wheel rebound phenomena, which at high speed can also be fatal. A motorcycle with well-lubricated forks responds optimally to braking and all maneuvers, thus helping you to better express your potential and extend the life of the most sensitive mechanical parts of your vehicle. Better not to risk, always check that the oil level for the forks of the bike is optimal and never mix different products, but always purge the reserve, giving the residue at the appropriate ecological islands.