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Spare parts DID

La DID is a company famous in the world of motorcycling for its quality spare parts adaptable to all motorcycles in circulation; The production is mainly focused on the transmission chains, an organ of fundamental importance to discharge to the wheel all the horsepower delivered by the engine. The KMC 25 H chain is a reliable and economical product, especially on motorstock where you can have it for less than 7 euros per meter. The 525 ZVMX chain is one dei most requested spare parts because of its 116 links, a size used on many motorcycle models on the market, as well as the 50 ZVMX chain, 120 sturdy links strictly equipped with o-rings, a guarantee in terms of lubrication and durability.

Professional kits by DID

If you love to maintain your motorcycle in a complete and uncompromising way, you can certainly not be satisfied with replacing the chain, but you must also change the spools that work with it. The DID is well aware of this problem and offers you its dedicated kits, packages that contain specific spare parts for a particular vehicle. The solutions at your disposal are really many: on motorstock you can find chains and kits DID complete with spray grease for many brands, bikes such as Ducati, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda and Aprilia to give a quick example.

Accessories DID

In addition to the best professional spare parts on the market, the DID offers you some accessories that can be useful to save on repairs. The joint DID 50 ZVMX is a necessary product to rejoin a chain still in good condition; motorstock offers it complete dei its 4 O-rings at a highly competitive price. The site puts at your disposal numerous other joints of various sizes, so that you can always find the one that best suits your needs; other exemplary models are the 50 NZ SDH coupling and the 50 VX coupling.
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