Tank Flanges

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Tank flanges

On the bike the available space is reduced to a minimum. Tank flanges allow you to attach storage bags and other accessories to the fuel vent or directly to the body, conveniently. For those who love a wild style and love to spend all their free time on the bike, there is always a need to maximize the available space, avoiding weighing down with accessories to wear, especially if you need to keep smartphones, maps, money or documents at hand. The Givi tank flanges are the perfect solution to have an excellent hooking point on which to mount storage compartments, bags and bags, with a great ease of assembly even in DIY and instructions in Italian. Depending on the model of your bike you can choose different types of brushed stainless steel flanges, from those simply decorative, to seal the tank with a special key, to models that allow you to install your large bags and to mount supports for maps, electronic navigators and document holders. Discover the best models of tank flanges, of great Italian brands such as Givi and Kappamoto, certified and very safe with a patented assembly that respects the look and style of your motorcycle. They are easy to install on any type of vehicle, from roadsters and customs, to trial and off-road vehicles, with snap safety attacks, to be 100% sure not to lose the load even during the most complicated maneuvers. You will also find the Racer bags and bags, in thermoformed and waterproof fabric, compatible with our motorcycle flanges, with sets of various sizes and the small parts necessary to adapt the attachment to your bike in a few minutes using standard tools that you surely have in your cassette.