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®MOTOAIRBAG is a product created by D.P.I. Safety s.r.l. which was born in Italy in Milan in 1996.

The company at the time sensed that protectors based on airbag technology were much more effective dei than rigid protectors.

Initially focusing on the motorcycle world, he was the first to develop and patent the cold explosion technology that allows airbag systems to be worn.

After many years of study, impact testing, technological research, engineering in 2003 the first MOTOAIRBAG® product is ready to face the market.

It immediately MOTOAIRBAG® proves its effectiveness in real accidents.

The technology matured to such an extent that in 2009 MOTOAIRBAG® airbag systems could be used by all clothing brands for their clothing line "AIRBAG".

In 2013 the various airbag systems MOTOAIRBAG® are certified EN1621/4 as airbags for motorcyclists and still remain the only ones today.

To date, more than 15,000 users travel protected by MOTOAIRBAG®, and the continuous receipt of emails that demonstrate the effectiveness of our airbag technology in real accidents, even very serious, is a source of great satisfaction for us and a push to do better and better.

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