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The world of Castrol

The company Castrol produces specific lubricants for motorcycles since 1960 and offers you any type of oil according to your needs; Power 1 Racing is a lubricant designed for racing engines and guarantees you exceptional resistance to high temperatures, as well as keeping the engine perfectly efficient for many kilometers. Actevo Scooter 4T oil, on the other hand, consists of a refined product to keep the engines of 4-stroke scooters efficient; the lubricant is formulated with Scootek and Trizone technologies, two Castrol patents that guarantee total protection of the engine elements most subject to wear.

The Castrol oil

Castrol includes many different oils in the catalog: you can opt for racing lubricants, ideal for those who love to race on the track, or for other specific products for scooters and motocross bikes. For example, the oil Castrol Outboard Nautico is a lubricant designed specifically for outboard engines dei boats and has characteristics that make it irreplaceable in this application. React Performance brake oil is a totally synthetic product that has a very high boiling point, an aspect that makes it the right choice if you own a racing bike or prepared for competitions.

Why choose Castrol

The variety of the proposal and the high value for money of the Castrol oil are the main reasons why you should choose this brand whenever you are looking for a lubricant for your motorcycle. Fork Oil fork oil is the solution you need if you are looking for a suspension fluid that can guarantee you an optimal set-up in any condition of use, both on paved roads and on dirt roads. The Castrol refrigerant is another product that could be right for you; the liquid prevents the circuit and the motor from corrosion even at temperatures close to -25 C. The Castrol also produces chain greases and specific products for the maintenance dei air, gearbox and transmission filters.
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